Empowering You To New Heights
Start with a Blank Canvas
And Paint the Life of Your Dreams

Here’s how?
As professionals in the creative industries, you have unique challenges, because you have an exceptional outlook. Your most useful solutions - the best answers - demand practiced innovation.

Where do you get that kind of innovation?
That innovation comes from professional coaches with personal insight.

You talk with someone who supports you by tapping into your inner power. Your coach walks alongside you and empowers you to take risks, explore new possibilities, and stretch yourself to accomplish the extraordinary.

Tina and Gary know the tools you need to reach new levels of commitment
… because they’ve successfully overcome similar challenges themselves.
… because they’ve helped countless others conquer troubles unique to professionals in the creative industries.

Coaching professionals in the creative industries
Professionals in the creative industries enjoy having the freedom to “do their thing.” But business success requires structure. Coaching for professionals in the creative industries means understanding how to merge the paradox.

“We get it. It’s in our DNA!”

We help you clarify the proper structure to succeed without blocking your creative freedom

You will learn how to
▪ Identify the obstacles that stop you from moving forward on your goals
▪ Take action on what’s most important to you
▪ Explore what’s missing in your life and discover new possibilities
▪ Master the art of a balanced and purposeful life
▪ Push yourself beyond what’s familiar, beyond your comfort zone
▪ Design constructive ways to accomplish your goals so they are in sync with your dreams

Create a Whole New Masterpiece
Your Next Level of Success Can Start Here and Now